We have owned Labrador Retrievers since our childhood's in the 70's. Making the military a career prevented us from starting our dream of breeding quality Labrador Retrievers until we could ensure stability in our personal lives. When it became apparent that we had an opportunity to settle down in Virginia we started to pursue our dream of breeding quality Labrador Retrievers by starting Wagg'n Tails Labrador Retrievers in 2003. We started by investing in acquiring healthy lab pups and raising and training the dogs to be competitive athletes' and loving family members.

It is important that all our dogs spend a lot of time with our family. It is common to have all our labs spending the evening with us in the den with a fire in the fireplace or kitchen after our evening meal before retiring to their kennels for the night; it's a real Norman Rockwell moment. Some of our labs retire to family member's rooms at night providing personal protection. Each of our labs has developed their own personality that has been a joy to watch each lab develop.

When it comes to our lab pups, we are present for all whelping to ensure there are no problems. We've made one trip to the emergency room for a successful C-section delivery to date and that's enough. This can make for a sleepless night or two, but it is very rewarding to witness and assist new life in the making. Our pups are exposed to all aspects of family life to ensure they are prepared for family adoption. They are also exposed to water and feathered retrieving dummies to identify retriever skills. Our pups are exposed to our family members and the neighborhood children at an early age. We also expose them to our older dogs after they have learned to walk and run. They receive excellent veterinarian care and will receive their first shots and worming's at 3, 5 and 7 weeks before they are ready for adoption at eight weeks of age.

We believe Labradors make excellent family companions. All of our children were raised with labs. They have a kind, gentle nature, but love to play. They love everyone they know, but are wary of strangers and will guard their territory, including their family until the stranger is introduced by a family member.

Our dogs are part of our family, they are not pets, they are our companions. We care very deeply about them as individuals and nurture them to be the best Labrador Retrievers they can be. Nothing is more rewarding than to watch your dog waiting anxiously for you to give the command to make a double/triple waterfowl retrieve or earn a ribbon in a confirmation show; however more importantly is when they show their love and loyalty by keeping you company in the evening and watch over you while you sleep at night. That is why it is so very important to us that all our puppies go to good loving families.

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