We are a female and veteran owned small business. Our goal is to breed and provide Quality Labrador Retrievers to people who demand intelligent, gentle, loyal and loving dogs ready for the family, confirmation show ring or field trial competition.
     We breed both the English style and American style labs. Our English Labradors have strong Confirmation Show Bloodlines, while our American Labradors have superb Field Trial bloodlines.

     It’s important to us that our puppies receive lots of love from the time they are whelped to include our presence during all whelping. We also spend a lot of time handling and socializing our pups with people and our dogs to ensure they are well adjusted dogs, ready for their new home. We love our labs, so it is very important to us to make sure our pups go to owners that will love and enjoy the puppy as much as the puppy will love his or her new family.